Intel to port Android Honeycomb for tablets

The Intel CEO and President, Mr. Paul Otellini has announced that they will be porting the Android 3.0 or Honeycomb in their tablets. This means that they are trying to convert the source code so that they can have a x86 architecture of the Android platform transfer it into a tablet. He said, “We’ve received the Android code – the Honeycomb version of Android source code – from Google, and we’re actively doing the port on that. We expect to be able to ramp those machines over the course of this year for a number of customers.”

The announcement of the Intel Tablet was made 2 years ago, even before the iPad was launched, and it is now coming into existence. There were also announcements that Intel will step in the smart phone market, which has been unlikely till now. To this Otellini responded, “I would be very disappointed if we didn’t see Intel-based phones for sale 12 months from now.”

So now, Intel has three operating systems (Windows, Android, Meego) and zero tablets and zero smart phones ready for launch. They have lost Nokia, and are beaten by companies like ARM and Qualcomm who are leading in the mobile processing market. Let’s wait and watch if Intel can revive with their new tablets and their secret smart phone.