Interview with Ashish Kashyap, CEO of ibibo web Pvt. Ltd.

Ashish Kashyap is CEO of ibibo web Pvt. Ltd. ibibo web Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2006-2007. The company is jointly owned by South Africa’s Naspers and China’s Tencent, a internet company. It focuses on on Social gaming and e-commerce platforms. Mr. Ashish took some time out to answer a few questions for MobiGyaan.

ashish-kashyap-ceo-ibibo  What is the total demand that is being created for the mobile social network in the country?
The demand for mobile social networking has only been on the upswing. It can be seen that there are mobile operators who are vying to get the best social networking sites on board so that the consumer can use the social networking experience at their fingertips. Social Networking is now not only restricted to the PC, the mobile has also become a major player and the mobile operators are en cashing upon this opportunity to also create a demand for themselves.

What are the different services that are being offered by ibibo on the mobile ? How is ibibo trying to leverage the mobile user base to come onto its site?
ibibo’s philosophy has been to evagelize the tastes of the consumer always, and keeping this in mind, it has launched a set of different and state of the art services such as playing the immensely popular game called ‘Great Indian Parking Wars’. Apart from this there are free sms that a user can send and also interconnect with friends through ibibo mobile.

There are a lot of other exciting initiatives that are there on the anvil which would enlighten the entire mobile Social Networking experience.

What has been the response of the services that ibibo has started to offer to its mobile users? Which services are regareded to be the most popular ?
The response has been tremendous on the aspect of having services active on the mobile. We are seeing a lot of traction coming our way from the mobile consumers.

What are ibibo’s future plans when it comes to mobile gaming ? How many games does the site currently have which are active on the mobile?
ibibo has certain plans when it comes to the mobile gaming domain. When 3G actually takes its full shape it will be interesting to note that the mobile gaming domain would also benefit from this. There are going to be certain games that we are going to launching on the mobile so that that particular user base also comes to us.

As far as the active gaming content is concerned till now there is a game called The Great Indian Parking Wars that is available on the mobile for the users to play. There are few other games on the anvil that we are planning to launch once the 3G effect takes its full shape.

What weight age do you think that ibibo would garner with the recent partnership with Aircel?
It has already started attracting users from the Aircel community to log onto ibibo. This would eventually turn out to be a very fruitful partnership between the two corporate entities. And it is for sure that there is going to be a lot of benefits that ibibo would be drawing from this alliance.