iOS 6 adoption increased by 29% after the release of Google Maps app

With the release of the iOS 6, Apple went on to drop the Google Maps from the OS and added its very own and highly buggy Apple Maps app.


While it was expected that many iOS 5 users were holding back from upgrading to the iOS 6, Ad network MoPub has said that with the launch of the standalone Google Maps app for iOS, there is a spike in the adoption of iOS 6.

As per the data that MoPub checked over 12,000 iOS applications the company found that the adoption of iOS 6 jumped 29% within 5 days since the Google Maps app was released in the iTunes Store.
Jim Payne, CEO of MoPub said,
We observed since the launch of Google Maps for iOS 6 a 30 percent increase in unique iOS 6 users, and we think it’s related to Google Maps. It verifies the hypothesis that people were actually holding back to upgrade until Google Maps was available.
Also, the Google Maps app took just 7 hours to reach the top of the charts and about 48 hours to see over 10 million downloads which also indicates how many people missed the app. So this might have been the case that many iOSusers were waiting for Google to launch the Google Maps for iOS as they did not want to lose the app and use the now-improving Apple Maps app.
Also, not to forget, another great alternative to the Apple Maps app and Google Maps is Nokia’s HERE Maps which has been taken well by iOS users while Google Maps was absent.