iPad 3 is already in production with Retina Display and Dual-Core A6 processor

Bloomberg has confirmed that Apple is already in high gear for its upcoming next generation of iPad. The new iPad 3 is said to be on sale in March 2012 and will have a retina display with full HD resolution and probably the A6 dual-core processor.


An LTE version is also imminent and will be probably launched in the US and other countries supporting 4G LTE radio.

Manufacturing partners of Apple in Asia have already started spreading the news that Apple’s newest slate will reach full volumes by February. Where other manufacturers have already started producing LTE enabled smartphones and tablets, Apple is still behind schedule. But will an LTE iPad before and iPhone be fruitful?

All in all if Bloomberg’s report is correct, we can expect Mr. Cook to announce the new iPad pretty soon. After a huge disappointment to some Apple fans when they did not receive the iPhone 5 but the 4S, the fans will be expecting a lot more this time.