iPad dropped from 1300 feet, survives thanks to G-Form case

The G-Form Extreme iPad cases are one the most amazing cases ever made for the tablet. The cases are tough and provide protection to your iPad even if you accidently drop your tablet from a height.

Now you might ask what heights can it survive? Well how about 1300 feet?

Yes a video shows a couple of skydivers carrying their iPads in G-Form cases and dropping the tablets form a height of 1300 feet. They land to find that their tablets are working fine and surprisingly no damage or cracks.

The Extreme Portfolio and Extreme Edge cases are said to be made from PORON material. The proprietary technology used by G-Form has the ability to absorb 90% or more of the impact of the collision, and simultaneously stiffen instantaneously to protect the iPad.

The cost is $89.95 for the Extreme Portfolio or $59.95 for the Extreme Sleeve.

Check out the video below for the crash test: