Symbian Carla and Donna to be the next upcoming updates [Rumours]

Thanks to a blurrycam image, the next two symbian updates have been leaked.

Of course we are just speculating the names and all of this information is unconfirmed.

The blurred image says that the next ‘C’ and ‘D’ for Nokia’s Symbian platform wil be called Carla and Donna. The image is said to be taken from a display during Nokias Devoloper Day In Mexico.


The image says:

Symbian Carla:

  • 8.0 Browser
  • Dolby surround
  • NFC
  • Best Widgets

Symbian Donna:

  • Exclusive Dual core Equipment

According Symbian latino, Symbian Carla will be available to all current S^3 devices, while Symbian Donna would be exclusive for Dual core devices. It’s also stated that Donna will probably be the last Symbian update.