iPhone 4 falls down 13,500 and barely survives to make phone calls

McKinney, a 37-year-old man in Minnesota, was absolutely shocked when his iPhone 4 survived a fall from his pocket while he was skydiving from 13,500 feet. He found that his device’s glass surfaces were shattered, on top of a building about a half-mile away from where he landed with his parachute.

Surprisingly, Joe Johnson the sky diving instructor with McKinney decided to call the busted phone just for fun and he didn’t expect the call to go through. But it did “They were all like, ‘It works! It works!'”

Now that is amazing as the handset crashed and shattered but was able to receive a mobile phone reception. Even though the phone still makes and receives calls, it isn’t very practical to do so because the touch screen is shattered and the only way McKinney can use it is with a Bluetooth connection in his truck.

Mike Gikas, a tech editor at Consumer Reports, the nonprofit group that tests phones and other gadgets for their reliability, jokingly said that McKinney finally found a way to fix the phone’s reception woes, by dropping it from a plane. “That’s the proved method for fixing the antenna problem,” he said, laughing.