iPhone 4S begins selling in China; already a hit with 200,000 pre-orders

It seems Apple has swallowed its pride in China and is wooing the world’s biggest market with all of its charms. After running into controversy regarding its tablet, iPad, Apple still debuted the iPhone 4S in China finally and surprise – it has opened to around 200,000 pre-orders.

That itself is a description of changing socio-economic conditions in China. With more people getting rich and more aspirations arising, people are opting for the best and most expensive tech out there. While 200,000 is just a drop n the sea when we look at China, it is still impressive.

Apple has tied up with China’s biggest network – China Telecom for the iPhone 4S launch. This carrier would be selling the CDMA version of the phone. It hits actual shelves soon.

Just one thing to wonder – we always keep ranting about how we get devices later than the whole world, but the reality is China is even more disempowered than us in this regard.