iPhone 5’s leaked internal parts assembled in a picture

With the next iPhone or the iPhone 5 nearing its launch which is expected to happen on September 12 more leaks of various parts have been seen.

iPhone5-Leaked-parts  And now iFixYouri professionals have managed to put in all the parts together which have leaked and give us an insight as how the next iPhone would look from the inside.

From the LCD & Digitizer, Reaction Flex, Battery, Camera, Volume/Vibrate module, Dock/Headphone Jack and not to forget the SIM Tray has been pictured and put together.
The best thing about this put-together is that all the pieces go on to match and fix into each other which suggests that the parts are indeed of the iPhone 5 or at least we can hope for the same.
The nano-SIM slot is the most interesting one and has been discussed by us previously also and this might make the Apple iPhone 5 the first smartphone to arrive with this new slot.
The next iPhone is expected to arrive with a taller 4 inch screen, LTE, NFC, better resolution and improved processor.