Jeans with transparent pocket to use your mobile phone from the pocket

Would there ever be an end to making weird things in this world? We don’t think so! Just when you thought the world was running right there is an innovation which would make you twice before understanding its actual use.


And in this world where smartphones are an integral part of our life as we can’t live without them and also as their size is only increasing with every other launch, it is indeed tough to pull your smartphone out of your Jeans’ pocket every now and then.

So here comes the innovative solution. How about a Jeans with a transparent pocket? Yes, the Delta415 Wearcom Jeans arrives with a transparent pocket which is here to solve all your smartphone woes! This transparent pocket is a zipped piece of cloth.
Whenever you need to use your phone to check an email or reply to a text, just unzip the pocket and use your smartphone. The transparent plastic helps you to use your touchscreen smartphone much comfortably and without any issues.


Indeed a great innovation right? Or is it just a weird innovation. Also how could you make use of the Jeans? You can use it while travelling in a bus or maybe copy your answers in the exam hall? And if you are too curious, the Jeans costs about $160 in the US and is up for grabs over here.
Oh and would you even buy such a Jeans? Do let us know below!