June 21st will see a “Market Disrupting” device by Nokia

Singapore will host Nokia’s big event, Nokia Connections 2011 on the 21st of June. The event is said to unveil new devices and services from Nokia and the new devices are teased as “the next chapter”.
According to iTWire, the event will see the announcement and demonstration of a “market disrupting device.” It will be unveiled and demonstrated for the first time by Kurt Bonnici, product and technology marketing manager at Nokia Australia.  Nokia has also stated that the product will only be demonstrated and product manager, Kurt will only be available to answer technical questions relating to the new device.

Now we have no confirmation of as to what the device could be. The new MeeGo device ? But we aren’t very sure if that will be much of a market disruptor. A new N-device ? We sure hope so, probably a nice flagship like the N8. Or could it be an early release of the Windows Phone ? Well we can only speculate for now, and wait till the 21st of June arrives.

Nokia Conversations 2011