Just say ‘OK Google, Take a picture’ to click pics on your phone now

All you have to do now to use your Android smartphone’s camera is give a simple voice command. Just say, “OK Google, Take a picture” or “OK Google, Take a video” and your smartphone camera will snap into action, literally. Your camera app will now be integrated with Google search app functionality, making it super easy to take pics and making the voice assistant something you will be using on the go.


Google updated the feature on its Google Plus page. Just one thing though, this voice command will open up the app, not take pictures and video unless you press on the shutter and video buttons. It just replaces the need to open up the app. If you are not that vocal, you can access the app the old way too.

So, how should this feature be useful? Well it would cut down on lags and is a solution for Android users who have complained in the past that the camera app takes too long to open.