64-bit Android phones may be a reality only in 2015

Soon after Apple launched its iPhone 5S with a 64 bit processor, there was a huge hue and cry about getting the same technology to Android. However now it seems that the platform might still have to wait longer.


According to reports, most Android manufacturers including Samsung, though have been giving the 64 bit processors for smartphones a serious thought, are still delaying the execution process. The delay is mainly attributed to the fact that Android still does not fully support the 64 bit SoC. However Google has assured that it is currently working to resolve the problems faced.

Another major issue faced by the manufacturers is the increasing cost of the D-RAM memory used along with the 64 bit processors. This would force the chip makers to revamp their production lines, which would in turn mean low yields and higher cost per unit. As such most manufactures are said to be going slow and are expected to wait till 2015 to launch such devices.