KitKat now on 8.5 percent Android devices; Jelly Bean accounts for 60 percent

With major smartphone vendors releasing rather quick updates of the KitKat build for their devices, KitKat has slowly gained importance in the Android market.


According to the latest distribution statistics of Android builds, the KitKat version is now present on 8.5 percent Android smartphone, showing a quick rise from the 5.3 percent of the previous month. As expected, Jelly Bean version accounts for 60.8 percent, with more than half of the devices running just the Android v4.1.

Interestingly, the Jelly Bean v4.3 has the same percentage as the KitKat build, thus showing how rapidly the latest Android version is spreading. However, sadly there are devices still running on v2.2 and v2.3 and account for nearly one-fifth of all the Android devices. We can soon expect the Android v4.5, even though the v4.4 is yet to reach 10 percent of the market share.