Latest teasers from OnePlus hint at refreshed OxygenOS with new themes and reading mode

We keep coming across teasers and renders of the OnePlus 5 every other day as we inch closer its June 20 unveiling. These teasers and renders have revealed some of the features of the OnePlus 5, however, the latest teasers shared by OnePlus show us what to expect from the upcoming OxygenOS that will probably ship with the OnePlus 5.

OnePlus shared a video on Twitter by tweetingGet a taste of how we’ve refreshed OxygenOS“. This video shared by OnePlus shows a slider which is used to change the color between warm and cool while changing the pages which show paragraphs of text. Well, what we understand is that the next iteration of OxygenOS, probably OxygenOS 5.0, will come with a blue light filter which will show this kind of slider so that you can change the color tone to your liking.

However, having said that, it’s also worth noting that OxygenOS 4.1.6, which is currently the latest version of OxygenOS, comes with Night Mode which serves the same purpose of reducing strain to your eyes while using your phone in the dark by reducing the blue light being emitted from the screen.

Moving on, another teaser shared by OnePlus on Twitter hints at new themes coming with upcoming OxygenOS. OnePlus shared this teaser by tweetingSoftware designed with style and refinement“. Currently, the OxygenOS does come with support for themes, however, you can only choose between light and dark theme. The upcoming OxygenOS will probably bring in some more themes with it.

Needless to say, this refreshed OxygenOS is expected to debut along with OnePlus 5 which will be unveiled on June 20, and, we will get to know more about both the OnePlus 5 and this new OxygenOS on that day. Until then, OnePlus will keep sharing these kind of teasers to hint at new features.