Leaked ‘Nokia Air’ video hints at Nokia branded concept tablet, cloud sync & more

A very interesting video has leaked on the web showing what can been or could be Nokia’s very own Cloud Syncing solution for its devices.

Called the ‘Nokia Air’, it is designed to sync apps, contacts, and media across various Nokia smartphones and tablets. Yes you read it right! In the past it has been rumoured that Nokia was once interested in launching its own tablet but it never made anything related to the tablet, official.

But now this Nokia Air video gives us a hint as to how the tablet might have looked on arrival and trust us it looks awesome in the concept. Also with the tablet, the video features a smartphone with flexible display which is referred as ‘Mini’.

Interestingly the OS on all the devices is total Symbian Belle like and it just looks mind blowing. We really wish that Symbian Belle OS today, looked like what is showcased in the video and if that was the case, it would still have a good stake in the market.

Also there is a view of how apps could be synced via the app onto the cloud and the App store shows off apps like Spotify which arrived on Symbian back in 2010 and even Tweetdeck which is not yet available for the Symbian OS.


This ‘Company Confidential’ video is expected to have been made back in 2009 and has now gone private at Vimeo, where it was first found. But we have the video for you from YouTube. We really wish that Nokia sticks to its plans and releases its own tablet. Also now that the video has leaked, will Nokia showcase the Nokia Belle FP2 and the Nokia Air at the upcoming Nokia World later this year? We hope so!
Until then catch the impressive Nokia Air video and drool over the smartphones, tablet and everything else.