LG buys webOS from HP to use it in smart-TVs, might roll out phones too

After initial claims of LG’s interest in the Open webOS for smart TV’s, the company has purchased the rights to the OS from HP. As per the company, the OS would focus mostly on Smart TV’s but phones running the WebOS are not ruled out either.


LG has said that it would use Android along with the webOS for the said devices and claims that like the card UI, webOS is better in some of the user experience.

LG, which has acquired the much tainted webOS from HP, would get the source code, documentation, websites, and team behind the client side of webOS while the cloud services would be retained by HP.

Besides this HP would retain all of the patents associated with Palm and webOS and LG would licence it for use. The dedicated research to the open source WebOS by LG is bound to benefit HP. While HP is consistently developing the client side of the webOS that it retains, LG doesn’t seem to have any major plans for the immediate future.