LG patents smartwatch – stylus hybrid device

With most of the companies drawing their focus on wearable electronics like smartwatches, LG seems to be thinking way ahead with a smartwatch that could double up as a smart stylus for the device.


As per the new patent filing from LG titled “Capacitive type stylus and mobile terminal comprising the same”, the company is patenting a device that is a hybrid of a smartwatch and stylus. The device would essentially be a smartwatch, with a display for notifications received on the smartphone. But it can then be straightened out to behave like a stylus, which by the way would be broad.

While it is hard to imagine how this patent would be feasible, considering that LG has a good experience in flexible display and even batteries, gives it an upper edge for such kinds of devices. However, we still can’t positively say that such an accessory would be required and could even be successful. What do you think about the smartwatch – stylus?