LG pokes fun at ‘small’ Apple handsets and ‘slow’ Samsung handsets in its new ads

LG has been slowly been standing in the background while competitors such as Samsung and Apple have been cashing on the industry. Well, it seems the South Korean giant has finally woken up to the possibilities in the smartphone industry milieu and not just that, it is confident that it has better products tn those on offer. To that extent, LG has launched a series of ads making fun of smartphone biggies Apple and Samsung.


LG, in a new initiative is sending out banner ads to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 stating, “waiting for your Galaxy to catch up”, to iPhone owners in small font, “Hard to read this on your iPhone” and to HTC One owners,”Tired of  charging your HTC One’. Side by side, it states that the LG flagship handset, the LG G2 has a 20 percent faster processor than the S4, a 30 percent better battery life and makes it obvious that the  LG G2 is more user-friendly because of its bigger size. Here’s a look at samples that are a little fuzzy but you  will get the point.

lg_ad_htc LG_ad_iphone


While the ads seem pretty fun, the truth is that even though the LG G2 is an interesting device, the company will be playing catch-up with these companies for a long time, and  we would rather be happy if it came out with more handsets instead of ads.