Apple iPad owners trade in their iPads to invest in the iPad 5

Just as Apple sends out invites for its October 22 iPad unveil, iPad fans are going crazy over the devices. Many consumers are now to trading in their old iPads at trade-in sites such as Gazelle and Nextworth to invest in its upcoming iteration. This used to happen  just with the iPhones, but it seems that the same thing is starting to happen with iPads too.


Consumers seem pretty excited for a high-res iPad equipped with fingerprint recognition. Consumers who are interested in investing in the new generation of iPads  are  buzzing in with high numbers. Jeff Trachsel, CMO of Nextworth states that just from October 1st to October 8th, iPad trade-in quotes have risen by 220 percent, while Gazelle has seen an astonishing 312 percent growth in the same time. The iPad rumors which have been circulating much before the actual announcement are credited with pushing the amount of trade-ins.

If you haven’t traded in during this period, you might be at a loss, since now they are paying smaller premium for trade-ins. As far as the trade-ins go, an iPad 3 will give you $220 for the 16 GB and $ 245 for the 32 GB model.

Gazelle also has a contest in which one lucky seller will win 1 million dollars.