LG reportedly working on G Arch smartwatch and G Health tracking band

With the craze for smartphones rapidly evolving every company is working on making its own smart watch. While companies like Samsung and Sony are ahead in the race, renowned companies like LG and Apple are catching up.


According to reports, LG is working on its own smart watch which could be called as the LG G Arch. The watch would apparently be compatible with only LG smartphones. Not just a watch, but LG also seems to be developing a fitness and health tracking wristband. The band, which would work like the Nike Fuel Band, may be called as the LG G Health.

While there are no major details available about the LG G Arch and the LG G Health, sources believe that both the wearable devices would be showcased at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014, which is scheduled for February. Like the smartphone wars between Samsung and LG, the new smart watch would add yet another dimension to the competition.