Grippity wants your funds to make the first Android Tablet with a Transparent display a reality

The transparent displays look pretty cool and futuristic, don’t they? Well there is a project named Grippity on Kickstarter which is seeking fundings in order to make devices with Transparent displays a reality.


The man behind the Grippity project is Jacob Eichbaum from a company named Tel Aviv and they want to raise $199,000 by January 24th. As of now the target is still $176,717 short with 29 days to go.

Grippity, the Tablet features a 7-inch dual sided touchscreen Transparent display of WVGA (800 x 480) resolution. There’s a Cortex A8 ARM based SoC under the hood. along with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal storage. There’s also microSD expansion. There is Android 4.2 on the Tablet but if the specs get a bump, it might come with Android 4.4 KitKat while the time of release.

Grippity makes good use of the dual sided touch panel. You can use the display from the rear which means you won’t obscure your view of the display. The typing looks pretty interesting as you can go ahead and type from the rear along with the usual front. It is described as “Grippity is a totally new way of looking at input – A transparent, dual sided multi-touch display that enables you to lean back in your most comfortable chair (or even stand or lie down) and use ALL TEN fingers, while keeping your palms at a neutral ergonomic posture. It also enables you to accurately touch (the back of) small menu items and buttons on websites and software that were originally designed for desktops. As Grippity is running Android, you can download or develop apps for your specific needs.”

Check out the video below to see the device in action and if it gets you interested then hit the link below and help fund the project and if you fund more than $159 you will get a Grippity Tablet by October 24th. Devices with Transparent displays should surely soon be a reality with the Korean giant Samsung allegedly working on phones with Transparent displays. Things are surely going to get interesting in the future.