LG Z smartphone with curved display to be called LG G FLex

While we are expecting the first LG smartphone with a curved display to be launched by next week, we have the initial reports of the device which was known as the LG Z.


According to reports, the LG Z, which is expected to launched with a curved display, would be launched as the LG G Flex, making it part of the company’s premium G range. It is quite obvious that we could expect the Snapdragon 800 processor loaded on the device. The specs of the device haven’t, however been disclosed as of now.

The LG G Flex is expected to feature a 6 inch display which would gently curve in at the center making the ends to taper out. The curve is properly designed to wrap around your face when you are making phone calls. While we expected the device to launch later this week, there are claims that the device may come out only in November.