LG’s Lifeband Touch leaks, to be a wearable Fitness Tracking band

LG has made it pretty clear that they are working on wearable tech and will bring them soon to the market. We also recently reported that LG is working on a smartwatch and a health tracking band. Well they might soon be official as the ever prolific leaker @evleaks has just posted a picture on Twitter of what is LG’s wearable fitness tracking device/band dubbed LG Lifeband Touch.


The name we came across for LG’s health tracking device might be wrong but LG’s health tracking band will surely be a reality quite soon under the name of Lifeband Touch. There is not much info about the device but reportedly it’ll support iOS and Android and it will sync with your LG Android smartphone which already has an LG fitness app and show your heart rate and other fitness related queries. It is said to feature a touch OLED display, an accelerator, an altitude meter and it will pair onto your device so that you can change the music playing and also check your notifications.

LG launched a similar device Smart Activity Tracker (although never released) but the Lifeband Touch is notably different and our bet is that the device will launch at CES 2014 which is not too far away.