LINE GO!GO!GO! racing action game released for Android and iOS

While the LINE messaging app is gaining widespread popularity, the company has announced its first racing game with a touch of social competition.


LINE Corporation announced the LINE GO!GO!GO! which is a racing action game available on the Android and iOS platform. The racing game, which is the first from the LINE Game platform, is available for free on both the platforms. The mission of the game is to drive as far as possible while steering clear from the obstacles.

The LINE GO!GO!GO! requires players to the drive the car for as long as possible before running out of gas. Also crashing into other vehicles, would slow down the player as well as deplete the car fuel. The fuel can be replenished on reaching the set checkpoints. There are many unique characters and over 50 types of cars which can be redeemed in exchange for gold and trophies. Using the social networks, players can gauge their position compared to their friends and can even exchange tires and post high scores.