Live images of Google Nexus Sailfish surface online

Back in July, we got our first look at this year’s Nexus smartphones in the form of a mock-up. Google along with HTC is going to launch two Nexus smartphones this year which are codenamed Nexus Sailfish and Nexus Marlin. The Nexus Sailfish, which is said to be the smaller model of the two was spotted on AnTuTu last week, and now today, we are getting our first look at the live images of the Nexus Sailfish.


As always, this live image of Nexus Sailfish has been received by Android Police from their trusted source. The image shows off the Nexus Sailfish from all angles – front, back, left, right. Also, this image is in line with the mock-up we saw back in July.

The image shows off the dual-tone color scheme at the back of the device along with fingerprint scanner and 12/13 MP primary camera. If you remember, we saw a “G” logo at the back of the device below the fingerprint scanner in the mock-up which is missing from this image. Well, it’s possible that this is a prototype and we might actually see the “G” logo making a come back on the retail units, replacing the Nexus moniker altogether.

At the right side of the device is the power button along with volume rocker sitting below it. On the left side is the SIM card slot. And yes, don’t get your expectations high for expandable storage, as that’s something Google steers clear from. The device also flaunts a metallic build and the same should be expected from Nexus Marlin as well.

Going by what we know, there won’t be much difference between Nexus Sailfish and Nexus Marlin, except for the difference in display size, screen resolution and battery capacity. Both these devices will sport the same design and build and will have identical specifications.


There’s one more image (shown above) of the upcoming Nexus smartphone which is making rounds on the Internet lately. An anonymous Twitter user has shared the image of this year’s Nexus smartphone. The device does look like Nexus 4 from the angle it’s being photographed, and, you can also notice the glass back on the device.

This Twitter user claims to have seen both the Nexus smartphones but only managed to get a picture of one of them. The user also went on to say later on that both these devices looked smaller than 5.5-inch devices, and, the other device which was not photographed sported a glossy plastic back.

Well, after taking a look at this user’s Twitter account, we find it difficult to trust the information and believe that the information passed on to Android Police by their source seems more legit.

Google is reportedly expected to release Android 7.0 Nougat this month, so we hope Google will also shed some light on this year’s Nexus devices as well at the time of release of the latest version of Android.