Logitech MX Master 2S Review

Logitech has introduced its flagship mouse, the MX Master 2S featuring a remarkable design, high-precision laser tracking, dual connectivity using the 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth, and multi-device control via the Logitech Flow. The Logitech MX Master 2S is a wireless mouse made for power users who want to do things more efficiently and seamlessly. Let’s look at the Logitech MX Master 2S review.


Logitech MX Master 2s Specifications

  • Wireless technology: Bluetooth, Advanced 2.4 GHz, Darkfield high precision sensor technology
  • Optional software: Logitech Options and Logitech Flow
  • DPI: 1000 dpi (Nominal), 200 to 4000 dpi (Range), can be set in increments of 50 dpi
  • Number of buttons: 7
  • Gesture button: Yes
  • Scroll Wheel: Yes, with auto-shift
  • Wireless operating distance: 10 meters
  • Battery: 500 mAh Li-Po (rechargeable), up to 70 days on a single full charge
  • Dimensions: 126 mm x 85.7 mm x 48.4 mm (Mouse), 18.4 mm x 14.4 mm x 6.6 mm (Receiver)
  • Weight: 145 grams (Mouse), 2 grams (Receiver)

Design, Build, & Ergonomics

The Logitech MX Master 2S features a stunning and ergonomic design crafted for right-handers. The mouse looks great, feels great, and fits in the hand very well thanks to the curvy design. Left-handers won’t find it comfortable since it’s not designed for it.

The mouse offers a total of seven-buttons, left and right click, a vertical scroll wheel with auto-shift, two on the thumb alongwith another scroll wheel that is horizontal, and a thumb button that gracefully reclines across the thumb pad.

The MX Master 2S features a hyper scrolling which can be toggled for a smooth scrolling or click scrolling. Pressing the button just below the scroll toggles the Hyper scrolling, know that the mouse needs to be power.

Speaking of the sensitivity, it has as much as 4,000 DPI for high precision sensitivity, it ranges from 200 to 4000 DPI can be set in increments of 50 DPI and offers a nominal 1000 DPI by default.







The MX Master 2S is powered by the Logitech Flow software which lets you connect to multiple devices. You can dynamically switch to another PC via the provided button at the bottom and this is great when you want to use the same mouse for multiple devices, for example, the same mouse can be used on the laptop when it’s connected to the desktop.

Pairing isn’t an issue, the MX Master 2S lets you pair up to three computers the 2.4 GHz receiver or Bluetooth. You can choose either connectivity option as per your need, both technologies work with the Flow.

The thumb scroll wheel can be used for horizontal scrolling as well as can be assigned for volume control, Next or Previous while playing music, increase or decrease brightness, as well as used for switching applications, tabs, or simply zoom.

The mouse also features a laser sensor that works on any flat surface even a glass. It has as much as 4,000 DPI for high precision sensitivity. The DPI range starts from 200 with increments of 50 up to 4000 DPI.


Battery Life

Moving to the battery life of the mouse, it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery worth 500 mAh that lasts long about 70 days on a single charge. Charging can be done via a micro USB cable provided in the box. Logitech says a 3-minute charging is enough to last an entire day.

While it works on Bluetooth as well as the 2.4 GHz technology, the latter results in a longer lasting battery, Bluetooth connectivity is preferably a better option if using on Laptops since it uses low power whereas the 2.4 GHz using the receiver appears to be more accurate but consumes a little more battery compared to the Bluetooth Low Energy connection.


The Logitech MX Master 2S is aimed for productive power users and offers a premium experience with its design and comprehensive features including the laser sensor that works on the glass, its high 4000 DPI sensitivity for accuracy, multiple buttons as well as dual scroll wheels, and the ability to connect to multiple platforms wirelessly.

How much is the mouse worth? It holds a premium price tag, but if you are looking for a mouse that offers great design, comfort, and top-notch features, this is the mouse for you.


  • Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse


  • Comfortable & Ergonomic Design
  • Works On Glass
  • Seamlessly Switch Between Computers
  • Hyper Scrolling
  • Decent Battery Life, 3-Minute Charging Lasts A Day


  • Right Handed Only
  • Expensive
  • Bulky