Loop Mobile now makes it easier to get an Auto-Rickshaw in Mumbai

Loop Mobile has launched a tracking solution in Mumbai to connect Rickshawale.com, a recently launched 24X7 auto service that allows commuters to book auto rickshaws that arrive at their doorstep especially during emergency. With advantages like a verified fleet of drivers, regular meter fare, assured night time pickups and drops, consumers can avail of these services by logging on to www.rickshawale.com or dialing Loop Mobile number – 9664 010101.


To use this service, Mumbaikars will have to pay an additional charge of Rs. 20. Loop Mobile Subscribers can avail this service at a discounted rate of Rs 15.

The backend
  • Every Auto-Driver is provided with a Tracking Device (which has a Loop Mobile SIM). This device is carried by the Driver through-out the entire day of the Auto run.
  • This Device keeps on sending its location to the Rickshawale Call Centre every 5 minutes
  • Whenever there is a call from a customer, the call centre executive checks for Autos in that particular location through a Software& then provides the Customer’s Address & Contact details to the Driver
  • The Driver Calls up the customer as soon as he reaches his Doorstep & completes the pickup.

Background of the Service

  • 2011 Suburban Population of Mumbai (where Autos can ply) is estimated around 85 Lacs
  • Total 1,40,000 Autos plying (can verify data from RTO)
  • Total Auto’s available in Peak hours of morning 8-10am & evening 7-9pm is 60,000 only; creating a dis-equilibrium between demand & Supply.
  • The worst affected people are the Senior Citizens & Disabled who prefer an Auto at their doorstep especially during these hours. Other Door-step transport providers are short in supply &prove to be very expensive for everyday travel.
Benefits of Rickshawale
  • Rickshawale service is tailor-made to these requirements by providing economy with Door-step pick up.

For this service, the regular additional fare to be paid is Rs 20 over & above the meter Fare. However exclusively for Senior citizens & Disabled people, the additional fare is reduced by 50%- to Rs 10 only.

  • Senior Citizens & Disabled commuters are more than happy to pay such a small amount for a doorstep economical pick-up