Loop Mobile offers Push Mail and Video Download service

loop-mobile-mail-videos Loop Mobile expanded its portfolio of Value added Service with the launch of two new services – Loop Mobile Mail and Loop Mobile Video. With Loop Mobile mail subscribers can send and receive emails on their mobile in the form of SMS without the need to have GPRS, whereas Loop Mobile Videos offers multiple genre videos downloads.

Using Loop Mobile Mail service, a subscriber can compose, reply and forward e-mails from the handset using the SMS option. A subscriber’s mobile number by default becomes an email id. For eg:9821XXXXXX@loopmail.in. To use this service Loop Mobile subscribers need to send a message LMAIL to 50303. Loop Mobile is offering this service to both its Prepaid and Postpaid users for free for one year.

Keywords that will help you Send/Receive Emails using your SMS Inbox:

    FunctionalityKeywordHow to use
    To compose a new mailNEW to 50303New <recipients mail id> s:<subject> b:hi, let’s meet up
    To reply back to
    sender of the mail
    REPLY to 50303Reply <msg id> <UR Reply>
    e.g. Reply 04 ok, I will attend
    To reply back to the sender &
    all the recipients of the mail
    REPLY A to 50303Reply a <msg id> <UR Reply>
    e.g. Reply a 04 ok, I will attend
    To read more of the
    message received
    READ to 50303Read <msg id> <part no> e.g Read 04 2
    To forward mail to anyoneFWD to 50303Fwd <msg id> <recipients mail id> <content>
    e.g. Fwd 04 test.gmail.com hi,
    check this invitation
    If password is forgotten, sending ‘Password’ will resend a new password for easy accessPASSWORD to 50303SMS Password to 50303>

    • To receive Emails from your Gmail, Hotmail accounts in your SMS Inbox, you set the auto-forwarding option from your current Email ID to the Loop Mobile Mail ID.
    • For Emails where you receive attachments, you will receive a link in the SMS using which the attachment can be viewed. Please note the attachment viewing feature is available for only GPRS enabled devices.
    • To Unsubscribe SMS UNSUBMAIL to 50303

    The other service Loop Mobile Videos is also available to both Prepaid and Postpaid Loop Mobile subscribers. For using this service users will not be charged any rental but subscribers need to pay 10p for each video they download. To use this service subscribers need to send a SMS – VIDEOS to 50800 (toll free) or visit WAP URL http://atcafe.loopmobile.in