Love reading? Try the Kobo EBook App

Kobo has developed an amazing EBook app for smart phones which is available free of cost on almost all mobile platforms. It enables you to browse, search, buy and read your favourite eBooks and download them directly to your phone. The app is available on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Palm Prē.
The highlights of the app include:
  • Browse Kobo’s extensive catalogue of eBooks
  • Search for your favourite authors and titles
  • Build your own library of eBooks, always accessible on your phone
  • Search Feature to find eBooks fast
  • Search by title, author, topic or keyword
  • Free eBook Lists
  • Browse by ‘Book Cover’ or the new ‘Shelf View’
  • Buy any book straight from the Kobo App
  • Create an “I’m Reading” list simply by bookmarking or purchasing eBooks
  • Easily download eBooks to your device so you can read online or offline
  • Easy-to-use page and chapter transitions, offer a seamless reading experience
  • Kobo App offers print quality resolution, for easy reading
  • Kobo bookmarks your eBooks automatically so you always return to the last page you read
  • Customize font styles and text size to suit you