Now hack networks with the Android Network Toolkit App on Android

A security researcher at the Defcon conference has developed and announced a new tool that is aimed at the white hat sort that looks to find vulnerabilities that can be patch to make the network or device more secure. So clearly the app can also be used to hack networks and steal data without authentication. The app allows the user to scan for WiFi networks, open networks, and run a trace route to find IP addresses for servers. Once the target the user wants to attack is found they can execute attacks using vulnerabilities in out of date software.

The company behind the app called Android Network Toolkit is an Israeli security firm called Zimperium and the app has a series of tools that will help the hacker find networks that are unsecure and then find machines on that network that are vulnerable to certain exploits and make executing those exploits as simple as hitting a button. The app is dubbed Anti for short and will be offered free with a $10 corporate upgrade. The app is also said to be launching on the Android Market soon.