Lumia devices to get Nokia TV service in Finland

Remember earlier we told you that we bumped into a Windows Phone app called Nokia TV? While we weren’t sure if the app was legit, we knew that it would allow Lumia owners to view video broadcasts from local broadcasters in their country.


Well now thanks to Nokia Conversations, we can confirm that this service is coming to Nokia Lumia smartphones but only in Finland, for now.

Nokia has made the Nokia TV official which is the latest Lumia entertainment offering from Nokia. The service will be introduced in Finland in a few weeks and will be the latest ‘Hub’ addition by Nokia like Nokie Music and Nokia Reading.

The service will allow users of Lumia smartphones in Finland to conveniently browse or search through the available catalogues of catch-up TV services from major local broadcasters and stream a chosen show directly to their phone and the best part is there is no registration.

The service can be a huge hit if it is launched in other regions as well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope Nokia does some magic with its new service.