Make changes in Android to reduce data consumption: NTT DoCoMo

We all know Android OS uses data almost all the time. Well, Japanese mobile phone service provider NTT DoCoMo will request Google to make changes in the OS to transmit control signals less often.


DoCoMo has identified some Android applications that send out control signals once every three to five minutes even when not in use. This translates to ten times that of a conventional mobile phone which means a lot of load on the network.

The increase in data usage puts a lot of pressure on wireless operators as they have to keep up with the speed and data demands. A Japanese paper said that DoCoMo also hopes to team up with other mobile service providers, along with Google, to ask Android application developers to limit the frequency of control signals.

This is a very crucial element that DoCoMo pointed out as Android does hog a lot of data and users without and special data plans are left with insane phone bills. Have you ever faced data consumption issues with your Android device?