Manage your Android Apps on your Smartphone with App 2 SD

Worried that all of your apps will munch up your internal storage on your smartphone? Well, we have a solution for you.


Mid-budget and even high-budget smartphones have less or somewhat average sized internal memory. This is very annoying because by default your apps are installed in the phone’s internal memory. Well, App 2 SD is the perfect solution.

The app allows you to manage your installed apps by enabling you to move them easily and also enables you to clear the cache of all the apps that leave behind.

Features of the app include:
  • View all SD card capable apps and move them seamlessly
  • Notify if movable apps installed
  • 1-tap to clear all app cache
  • Export the app list to SD card
  • Install apps from the exported app list (PRO-only)
  • Home screen widget shows cache and available size
  • How app cache/data/code/total size
  • Keep track of total and available storage space
  • Sort through apps stored on phone and SD card
  • Add movable apps to the ignore list
  • Move apps back to the internal storage
  • View app on Market
  • Uninstall app
  • Open app
  • Show app details page
  • Support “Move2SD Enabler”
  • Customizable notification sound, vibrate and light
Download the app from the Android Market over here.