Media sharing via DLNA on Lumia smartphones with the Play To Windows Phone app

Nokia has launched a new beta app that streams media for Windows Phone  called Nokia Play To. The app is free to download from Beta Labs for Lumia users and allows you to display photos and videos on TVs, laptops, and other devices wirelessly and will also be supported by Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game consoles.


It uses the good old DLNA technology which has been in use for quite some time and it’s available in a number of smartphones, even in the Samsung Omnia W Windows Phone. But what Nokia has done here is that it has put a very simple UI for DLNA sharing.

Right now the app has a few glitches and is having some issues with Sony BRAVIA internet-connected TVs as they aren’t working properly with the app for video and high resolution videos are also a bit of an issue. There is also no Media Server support at the moment which means your Xbox 360 and PS3 won’t actually be able to see the device.

So, if you just want to try the app, head over here and download the app from the Beta Labs page.