Meet Prynt – A smartphone case with an inbuilt printer for selfies!

The smartphone industry is totally going over and out to impress the selfie obsessed generation. After selfie focussed smartphone cameras and camera apps, how about a selfie-focussed smartphone case that will give you Polaroid style printouts of your selfies within seconds!


How does the Prynt case do it? Even though I have already given it away in the title, it doesn’t mean that we can’t gush over it still – Prynt actually has a built-in printer inside its case! Voila! The case connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and coordinate with your phone to print selfies. The case currently takes 50 seconds to print an image, but it will soon 30 seconds if we go by the maker’s claim.

Another thing that is expected to improve is that the case currently fits just one sheet of paper, which might soon be increased to 30.

The functionality seems pretty simple. Connect to the case via Bluetooth and press the button atop the Prynt case and Tada! You will get a printed selfie, thanks to the Prynt app on your phone.

The company is planning to offer the case on Kickstarter for $99 (Around Rs. 6000) in early 2015.

The case comes from a French start-up by the same name. (Vanity, thy are a french concept.)