Nokia teases mysterious black box; Could be Android based digital TV player

While Microsoft just recently completed the acquisition of Nokia, it is only the handset business that has been taken over and Nokia still remains an independent electronics company. The long break from mainstream phone business seems to have given Nokia time to work on some new products.


Nokia took to Twitter to reveal that the company is set to launch something new. The image in the picture shows a mysterious black box with the tagline saying “We’re up to something”. The date on the teaser is November 18, 2014 which hints at an announcement later today.

While it isn’t quite clear what the black box device that Nokia teased is, initial guess point towards digital player like the Apple TV. However sources firmly believe that if it is indeed a digital player, it would be a set-top device running Android TV like the recently launched Nexus Player. Some other rumours point towards an Android based mapping device. We should get the exact details later today.