Metallic version of Nokia EOS lens cap seen

Soon after the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom became official, a lot of rumours about the camera phone from Nokia are surfacing. Today we have more insight into the design of the device.


The Nokia EOS, which is the long rumoured camera phone from Nokia with a 41 MP camera, is said to have a total metal chassis. While it is surprising to see Nokia shifting from the polycarbonate body of the Lumia series to a metallic body, the overall design is quite pleasing. Besides the earlier image leaks of the Nokia EOS featured a polycarbonate body.

Interestingly the pictures that we have, detail out the camera lenses. The metal lens caps, made of metal and painted in black and white are seen. Surprisingly, the placeholder shows XXMP, thus keeping the camera resolution a big mystery. Considering that we are expecting the device to launch later next month, we are still unsure whether we would see a metallic or polycarbonate Nokia EOS.