Microsoft making a ‘Major announcement’ on June 18, might launch its own tablet

Microsoft is supposedly sending out invites to the press for a special ‘major announcement’ scheduled for June 18 i.e. Monday. 


This major announcement, according to the source, could see Microsoft announce its own Windows 8 running tablet to compete with the likes of Apple’s iPad and also Google’s much-rumoured and upcoming ‘Nexus’ tablet. 

It is very interesting to note that if Microsoft comes out with its own tablet to compete in the already congested but growing tablet market, it would compete with other manufacturers which have already agreed to carry Microsoft’s next-gen OS on their tablets.
We know that Microsoft only makes money from licensing its OS to other manufacturers and if it enters the tablet market, it is bound to see some conflicts from other PC manufacturers. 
It would be really interesting to see how Microsoft manages to keep other manufacturers carrying its OS on their tablets which is being licensed to them at a whooping $80 – $90 per license from taking the other direction and stick with the company. 
Also we cannot guarantee that Microsoft will surely release a tablet on Monday until we hear it officially form the company. Until then let us all sit back and see how the development on this topic takes place in the next few days.