Control your Sony Xperia NXT smartphone LED notification strip with the Illumination Bar Notification app

We’ve seen the cool looking transparent LED strip which lights up on Sony’s new NXT range of smartphones including the Xperia S, P and U. However the only sad part is that it cannot be used as a notification LED.


Also only the Xperia U can light up in red, white, yellow, green, purple and blue depending on the music you are listening to or the theme that the phone currently has. While the other two just have a plain white LED strip, which is pretty much useless.

Now you can change that and play a bit as the Illumination Bar Notification app allows you to set the transparent strip on the Xperia U to light up in all the above colours for new messages, emails, missed calls and so on. On the Xperia S and P you only get white so for that you can set blinking speeds, and get similar notifications without the colours.

The app is available for free at the Google Play Store. Just hit the thumbnail below to download the app.

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