Microsoft Office for iPad spotted

There have been rumours in the past that Microsoft is working on bringing its MS Office to the Apple iPad, but back then there was no concrete proof for the same. But now a picture has popped up and is doing rounds which shows an iPad to be running the MS Office on it. 

At the first glance yes it does look genuine but then we just can’t confirm the authencity of the image, but then the app that is seen working on the iPad is said to be a prototype and not the final release version.

As we can observe in the picture, the MS Office is having the Metro-style tile icons and includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint icons. Also there can be seen an option to create new documents. There is also a settings, Messenger and search section, similar to icons found on Microsoft’s MSN and Bing iPad applications.

Interesting move by Microsoft! But then how about taking this rumour with a grain of salt? Also it seems that if this app comes out ever, then iPad users will have to wait for a few weeks before the app get approved by Apple and arrives at the App store. We’ll update you once it is available.