Microsoft sets up new Windows Phone 7.8 page showing off the new UI on a Lumia 900

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 last week a created quite a buzz among Windows Phone users. While there were some happy faces, current Windows Phone users were a little disappointed as Microsoft confirmed that all of the current Windows Phone handsets will not be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.


But then we saw Microsoft announcing Windows Phone 7.8 which will be the answer to some of the current Windows Phone users as some of the high end smartphones running Windows Phone 7.5 will be upgradable to Windows Phone 7.8

So just to warm you up, Microsoft has put up a page giving us some info as to how the new platform will look like.  There is also a short video which shows how the UI of WP 7.8 will look like on a Lumia 900.

Check out the Windows Phone 7.8 page over here. Also catch the video below.