Microsoft Surface owners reporting issue with Touch Cover

While Microsoft’s first hardware attempt in a decade, the 10.6-inch Surface tablet might be selling well, there are a few issues that are popping up lately.


Many users are now reporting about random muting on the tablet and also audio stuttering when the Surface on standby or when in use.

And if that was not enough to bother Microsoft, many users from both the US and the UK are reporting that the seam of Surface Touch Cover is splitting, thus exposing the wires inside the cover. The issue is being spotted near the magnets which go on to attach with the tablet.
Microsoft is selling the Touch Cover for $100, bundled with the tablet whereas it only took $16 to build it. The Surface Touch Cover acts as a keyboard and also a cover that protects that Surface tablet.
It is also being said that Microsoft is providing a replacement for all the Surface owners who are facing the issue with the Touch Cover but it is still not clear if the issue is a manufacturing defect or a design failure.