You might soon be able to charge your phone, by talking on it!

Ever ran out of battery when you needed it the most? Well, you can carry along a power bank, but even that runs out of battery sooner or later. Researchers at Nokia and Queen Mary University, London are working on a smartphone that would get charge using just sound waves. Imagine that all you need to do to talk on your phone, is talk on it for long hours or just place it in a noisy environment. Cool, right?


Science Alert, Australia has reported that this prototype smartphone can be charged only using sound waves, not only the ones we generate while talking, but also the ones we encounter every day on the street. The prototype phone is loaded with ‘nanogenerators’ that are designed to react to sound, generating electricity in the process.

Basically, in case you are running out of charge, you can even lend some juice to your smartphone by placing it atop a stereo and playing loud sound.

Preliminary research shows that the human voice, traffic and music can easily generate 5 jolts of electricity, which should be enough for a full charge.