Kim Kardashian: Hollywood might replace Candy Crush Saga as the top smartphone game

Candy Crush Saga might not be the top smartphone game anymore. A totally different game might be replacing it instead, one you may not like too much. Ever heard of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood?


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, is mirrored on the life of the American reality star who goes by the same name has actually led to a downgrade of Candy Crush Saga. Deutsche Bank has stated in a new research note that the number of paying Candy Crush Saga fell 12 percent, from 11.4 million in the 1st quarter of 2014 to 10.4 million in the 2nd quarter of 2014. The biggest gainer from this loss of position is set to be Kim Kardashian: Holywood.



Kim Kardashian: Hollywood actually lets you spend your real money for becoming famous in the gameplay. You can buy new digital clothes, style your hair and do a lot of other stuff. In fact, many parents are fuming over the large bills their children have racked up due to in-app purchases.



How the Kardashian game works is that it lets you actually lets you live a second life in the app, and act as Kim Kardashian’s BFF. It is not like it is an out-of-the-world game. You have to tap on circles to regain your energy. You can pay rather than waiting for an upgrade. Everyone you meet with, in the game, is either a lover or a career booster. So basically rather than just playing a game, you are actually creating a parallel life story, full of glam and fame.


As far as Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is concerned, it has already received a four-star rating and has received more than 245,000 reviews in the Google Play Store.

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