Mini version of HTC M8 also expected

While the HTC One flagship of 2013 also had a Mini and Max version, there is no doubt that the heavily rumoured HTC M8 flagship that is expected in a few weeks’ time would also have at least a Mini version.


According to sources, the generic model numbers of the HTC M8 Mini along with the HTC M8 have been revealed. The HTC M8 bears the number 0P6B, which was seen recently as the HTC 0P6B120 and the HTC M8 Mini is tagged 0P8B. However no other details about the mini version are revealed as of now.

It is a little too early to know about the specs of the HTC M8 Mini, but given that the M8 would be bigger than HTC One, we can expect a display slightly bigger than 4.3 inches. Also the Android v4.4 with HTC Sense 6.0, which is expected on the M8, can also be expected on the Mini version. It is quite unlikely that HTC would announce the Mini version along with the M8, but we can still hope for it.