Mobile batteries could last months without charging, courtesy Nanotechnology

Ever happened that you are waiting or you are in the middle of an important call and suddenly your cell phone dies on you? I am sure everyone has faced the trouble of finding a charging point just to get 5 minutes of battery charge for your cell phones. Well there’s good news for you. A team of engineers at the Illinois University are developing the new battery that has been claimed to run for a month or 100 times of the batteries used in cell phones nowadays.

The battery will contain nano-tubes instead of metal wiring. These nano-tubes are basically carbon tubes which will be as thin as a human hair and will enable the battery to last 100 times. Eric Pop, the head of the research at Illinois University’s Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology said, “I think anyone who is dealing with a lot of chargers and plugging things in every night can relate to wanting a cell phone or laptop whose batteries can last for weeks or months.”

So, if it can power mobile phones, can it power other devices? Yes! Mr. Pop added, “It could also prove groundbreaking for devices much larger than mobile phones or portable computers. This is also important for anything that has to operate on a battery, such as satellites, telecommunications equipment in remote locations, or any number of scientific and military applications.”

Let us hope that these batteries are out soon and can end the power crisis for portable gadgets and mobile phones.

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