Mobile data usage to boost up 18 times by 2016: CISCO

Gone are the days when we used to sparingly access the net via our phones and even that used to be a pain. But with new phones with big screens and Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity have made accessing net on the phone easy as hell. Mobile data usage is already up, but it seems that the future is superbright, if we go according to data released by CISCO.


So what? You may ask. Well the thing is firstly, since its CISCO, the data is pretty much reliable. Secondly, according to the report, the data usage is mostly going to come from cloud computing. Umm, Cloud computing?

As of now, we hardly utilize the cloud for any of our needs. See, most cloud usage currently comes at a price, which no one is willing to pay. We aren’t sure about how safe it is and finally there is a limit to storage with most cloud services. But here comes CISCO claiming that cloud might fill up data needs. Whoa! Lets take a look at the prediction.

Data usage is set reach 130 Exabytes by 2016. Which is like 130 million GB! Of that cloud will count for 70 percent while 10 billion mobiles will help you stream the net, which is weird, as the world’s population will just rest around 7.3 billon. Mobile data speeds will go beyond 3G even 4G making it easy to surf videos on your phone.

So, is CISCO overstating, or do you really believe them? Let us know.

In the meantime watch this sweet video they have made to make it more believable.