Rumor: Meet the cheapest Windows Phone – the Nokia 610 at the MWC this year

The Windows OS is the next thing to look up to after Android. But, until now, it has graced only phones beyond the budget range. Only high-end phones such as Nokia Lumia 800 and HTC radar have embraced Windows in the real sense. But, in case you want the Windows OS but can’t afford the price, well don’t despair. Nokia, it seems after switching on to Windows OS is once again with its Lumia 610 handset. The handset will not only be ultra-cheap it might also be available on contracts to make it easier for you to get it.

Already the Nokia Lumia 710 is selling pretty cheap at a sub-15000 Rs. price, the Lumia 610 is expected to bring down the price barrier to $150 (Rs. 7500) and on a contract, we believe it might even come free. Looking at from an Indian perspective, we think if Vodafone or Airtel were to support Nokia in its venture, it would sell like hot pies here according to us. As for specs, nothing is known as yet.

The Nokia Lumia 610 will also come with the economy version of Windows OS – the Windows Tango OS. It will work even on devices with smaller processors and less capable cameras, making it cost less.

We would love to see Android and Windows slug it out in the budget smartphone market. Stay tuned, because the MWC is not too far away.