Mobile Games Review : Angry Birds (Android)

angry-birds-s  When a game gets downloaded 6.5+ million time in iPhone OS, it definitely creates a sense of envy and eagerness for other mobile users. Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile is a super hit game available for iPhone os and Nokia users (selected models). I was eagerly waiting for it to be released for my Motorola Milestone. The moment I got a notification mail from Rovio, I downloaded the application and ever since I was glued to my mobile, day and night.

The version available for Android is the Free Lite version at its beta state. This version has only 15 levels of fun and I finished them all in less than 20 hours after download. Ever since I have been trying to achieve 3 stars in all the 15 levels.

Let me explain the theme of the game. A few pigs have stolen the eggs laid by certain birds and this has pissed them off. The birds are on a mission to seek and destroy all these pigs. The pigs are hidden in various building made of different materials. The complexity of their hideout increases with every level. The objective of the user is to catapult the birds and destroy the hideouts. The game is so simple and that’s the main reason its addictive. The developers have given attention to lot of details, like gravity, projective motion, property of building materials, etc…

The full version is not yet available for Android users. But I played a few levels in the paid version for iPhone OS. Believe me, its totally addictive. So go ahead, download it from the Market and destroy those smelly swines.